CS486 - Senior Design
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Welcome to CS486 - Senior Capstone Design

Welcome to to CS 486, Senior Capstone Design. Keep an eye on this page, as it is where life-changing announcements will be posted -- usually in addition to sending out email to the class alias.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Unlike most of your other courses, which have a single instructor assigned, the CS486 Capstone Design course is now "team-taught", with each CS faculty member supervising one or more Capstone teams. This change is primarily to bring more faculty (and their expertise) into the Capstone experience, and to allow a rich mixture of industrial and research-oriented projects. This site will still provide the overall outline for the Capstone course, but detailed management of each team will be worked out with the faculty mentor for that team.

1/5/09 -- Potential Capstone Projects are posted here. Please check back to this page regularly to check out newly-posted projects. Your project preferences are due on Monday January 12, 2009, 9am. If you do not turn submit your preferences on time, you will be arbitrarily assigned to a project. Here are the instructions for submitting your project preferences. Email your preferences memo to Eck.Doerry@nau.edu before the deadline above!

1/13/09 -- 2009 Capstone Teams Selected! Next stop, 2009 Capstone Design Conference at the Celebration for Undergraduate Research and Design to see the results: Thursday, April 23, 2009.



Archive of Past CS Capstone Projects