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Welcome to the Computer Science Capstone Design Course!! You've almost made it --- not just through a rigorous and demanding curriculum, but through a time of learning to a time of knowing. The ugly ducklings are just about ready to molt into mature computer science professionals! This course marks the beginning of your transition, as seniors, from students to practicing professionals. Congratulations! With the completion of CSE 476, you should have a pretty good feeling for what it means to work in a professional development context: self-reliance, trust and commitment between team members, and pride in your deliverables.

In ages past, apprentices were required to create a "master work" upon completion of their apprenticeship. You should view these projects as your master works, proof that you deserve to receive a degree and are ready to leave the nest to go practice in the working world as a fully competent computer scientist. Take advantage of this: really make this a signature effort that you can keep in your portfolio and show off to future clients and employers.

Of course, this is still a class and I am still here to mentor you. But I would like our relationship to evolve from one of student-professor to something closer to a peer relationship of mentor-mentee, reflecting your evolution towards full membership in our community of practice.

Instructor Information:

Dr. Eck Doerry
Dept. of Computer Science
Northern Arizona University

Peterson Hall, Rm 228

Phone: 523-9377

Email: Eck.Doerry@nau.edu

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