Senior Capstone Design --- Project Index



Now that CS Capstone Design has been combined into a single 4-credit CS486 course running in Spring term, it is critical to streamline the team formation and project selection process. In particular, the expectation is that --- even before the spring term begins --- registered CS486 students will have reviewed available projects, made their selections, and will have been formed into project teams. That way, teams are ready to go first thing in January, and have maximal time to work on the project when CS 486 begins.

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This page provides an index of potential projects. It consists of project descriptions submitted by clients in hopes of interesting a student team in working on their project. Students registered for CS486 in Spring should should regularly check this page during the last four weeks of the preceeding Fall semester. New projects will be posted here as they come in from potential clients.

CS Projects

Project Type
The Athletic Training Room: A SIMS game Web-based Educational Simulation Dept. of Athletic Training, NAU
ISIS Automated Delivery System Systems Management Tools USGS
eInk: a working eBook reader Mobile Computing Lawrence Livermore Labs
Quantifier Web Portal Web Services Clean Air Action Corp.
Web2.0 portal for web-based language learning Web Services NAU-Mod. Language Dept.