Resources for Calculus

Push here for a Table of Integrals

Here is the Wikipedia Table of Integrals

Here are some useful web pages

Professor Sieben's Page of Calculus Info (like this one)

Student Introduction to WebWork
The Webwork home page

Recommended online book:

The Calc I Text from the orignal site
The Calc II Text from the orignal site
The Calc III Text from the orignal site
The Differential Equations Text from the orignal site
local copy of the above book. Use if the site above is down.
This text does not have exercises.

Alternate online book:

Gilbert Strang:
html and pdf

Corral; VECTOR CALCULUS another alternate book for third semester

PDF of Jim Swift's choice of WebWorks problems
Prof Nandor Sieben's Home page
Prof John Hagood's Home page

Below are the tables of contents for Math136, Math137 and Math238, generic
timetables and sample syllabi
Naturally you will want to modify the timetable to fit your own inclinations
but don't fall too far behind in it or you won't finish the course in time.

**The numbers in the timetables refer to page numbers of sections in the table of contents**

Math 136
Table of Contents, Math136.
Generic Timetable for Math 136 Spring 2010
Here is a sample 136 Syllabus
Here are Schulz's problems for Math 136

Math 137
Table of Contents, Math137.
Table of Contents, Diff Eq Book.
Generic Timetable for Math 137 Spring 10
Here is a sample 137 Syllabus
Here are Schulz's problems for Math 137

Math 238
Table of Contents, Math238.
Generic Timetable for Math 238 Fall 09

Math 239
Here is a table of Laplace Transforms.
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William Schulz

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