Grandpa Vincenzo's Potato Salad (with Egg)

This recipe may be cut in half


6 Medium potatoes
onion, grated
bacon, 3 slices, chopped
2 hardboiled eggs, sliced


Enfork the potatos and boil them to the right consistency; at
7000 feet this is an hour and twenty minutes. Peel pair
of potatos, slice into laminae half a centimeter thick,
throw into ceramic or plastic bowl and sprinkle with vinegar.
Use fancy vinegar for upscale guests. Do this twice more,
which uses up the 6 potatoes. (Probly bad idea to use metal
bowl with the vinegar.)

Salt and pepper to taste. Add Tablespoon or two of parseley.
Then add about half an onion grated, or a little less for the
sensitive eater. Next three slices of bacon chopped into small
pieces. Mix it all up.

Now add mayonaisse. This has to be done by feel. When it
seems wet enough, stop. Mix. Add eggs. Correct wetness of
mayonaisse due to additional eggs. Taste. Correct any imbalances.

(It is not strictly necessary to add the eggs after the
initial mayonaisse, but it does give an opportunity to correct
the common too-much-mayonaisse error and keeps the eggs from
being too pulverized).

Remember to immediately refrigerate, (except the mother-in-law
version which is put on the heater for 6 hours and then
refrigerated.) When refrigerated, will last about 5 days with
slowly decreasing quality of taste.

Last updated 4 Jan 2017 by William Schulz

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