William C. Schulz

Differential and Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Grassmann Algebra.




B.A. Harvard University, 1962.

Ph.D. University of Californa at Berkeley, 1968.

Research interests: My interests lie in the borderlands between number theory, complex analysis and differential geometry. More specifically, I am fascinated by theta functions and the many things that they can do and the related elliptic functions. In number theory I am interested in Gaussian sums, Jacobi sums and their generalizations.

My other interest is Grassmann algebra and Manifold theory, especially Harmonic Forms, codifferentials, and other stuff connected to this like Lie Derivatives.

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Problems for CalcI

Problems for CalcII

Problems for Differential equations

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Physicist and daughter: Alexia Schulz

Gauss's Table of Primitive Roots hype

tac cg bst twis cc
wtc os bu eng Ts Ts1 Ts2 Þorn car conf tiC tC1 tC2 tC3 tC4 tC5 muff1
car coin life sheep1 sleep trigosaurus V PwrSm p star charc numbook
lob lob2 lobpic moe theta connections torus bundle1 bundle2 Dory Ei TRIP pstest
Shock and Awe Volumns of Spheres dif elec MortgageSchedule

Bessel Functions J01 J02 J03 J11 J12 J21 J22 J31 J32 Superposition

Hiss3 Hiss6

Representations of S3 S3 pdf
Fourier analysis on finite groups gp digest

Notes on Coboundary operator and Laplacian

Notes on Lie Derivatives

Associated Vector Spaces

Notes on Grassmann Algebra

A Practical Introduction to Differential Forms

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Bundle I

Bundle II

Notes on Lobachevski Geometry
These notes are betaware; and are being reworked as I get the time.
Lobachevski Geometry book 0
Lobachevski Geometry book 1
Lobachevski Geometry book 2

Rare Austrian Commemorative for the 1857 completion of the Vienna-Trieste railway.
Obverse, Reverse

Gold commemorative for the 1916 Liberty standing quarter design.
Obverse, Reverse

Pictures of the Snowstorm

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