Abolfazl Razi

Assistant Professor
School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems
Director of Wireless Networking and Smart Health
Email: abolfazl.razi@nau.edu
: (928) 523-5095
Room 111, bldg 90, 1295 S Knoles Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

In the Wireless Networking and Smarth Health (WiNeSh) research laboratory, we are working on different projects, centered around predictive modeling for different applications including Wireless Networking, Smart Cities, IoT and Aerial Systems. We are currently developing a new generation of AI-enabled wireless networking protocols for unmanned aerial system (UAS) by incorporating the predicted network topology into decision making at different layers of communication protocols. The goal is design new machine learning tools that models and predicts network status change, user bahavorial trends, and traffic mobility in order to accommodate predictable events by taking early decisions.
We are also working on developing tools for predictive modeling of biomedical signals for smart health applications. In particular, we develop  predictive signal processing algorithms to identify and report health conditions before their occurrence using deviation analysis of topological features of signal morphology. Our goal is prototyping new devices, tools and algorithms for smart health applications.
My other research project includes developing computational tools to model molecular interactions with focus on molecular biology and cancer genomics. In particular, we develop computational models to integrate conceptual information in molecular biology (e.g. signaling pathways, protein-protein interaction networks) with the measurement-based multi-modal data (e.g. Multi-Omics data, imaging results and so on) with special focus on cancer subtyping and response to targeted therapy.
We are working with ASU to develop image-based security solutions to leverage fabrication variability of nano material for securing Internet of Things. These projects involve information theory, signal processing, big data analysis, Bayesian inference, deep learning, graph theory, and dimensionality reduction techniques. These projects are supported by NSF, NIH U54, US Airforce Research Laboratory, and Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). For more information explore my research project here and feel free to send me an email at <abolfazl dot razi at nau.edu>.

Open Positions: I have multiple open positions (MS and PhD) in my research group. If you are interested, please email your CV to my email with topic "Application for open positions".
I also have funding to support part-time undergraduate and graduate research. If you have a good programming skill in MATLAB, and C++, send me your CV.

More details about my current research projects are here.
To know about my PhD research project on passive sensors, check out my recent interview here.
Check out this link for my academic awards and certificates.

Education and Academic Positions
    • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Case Western Reserve University
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate, ECE Department, Duke University
    • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Maine, Orono, Maine
    • Visitor Graduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
    • M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran
    • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

      News and Updates (Since 2015)

Sep. 2019: My paper titled "Smart Heart Monitoring: Early Prediction of Heart Problems Through Predictive
Analysis of ECG Signals" is accepted for publication in IEEE Access

Aug 2018: My paper titled "Bayesian Signal Recovery Under Measurement Matrix Uncertainty: Performance Analysis" is accepted for publication in IEEE Access.

July 2018: Congratulations to Jiaming Chen who successfully completed her Master's Thesis titled "Predictive Modeling of ECG Signal Using Spatial Topology Based Feature Space Transformation".

July 2018: Our Collaborative Project in Developing Nano-material Based Cyber Security is approved by NSF.

April 2018:  Arnau Sugranes receives travel grant from SECON 2018 conference.

March 2018:
Selected as s TPC-Co Chair for IEEE Wireless 2019 Conference

March 2018: Congratulations to Arnau and Mehrdad for their paper accepted in SECON 2018 conference.

Jun 2018: Razi is selected as poster session chair for CCNC 2019 Conference.