Abolfazl Razi

I moved to Clemson University and here is my new contact:

Email: arazi@clemson.edu and abolfazl.razi@gmail.com 
Website: https://arazi.people.clemson.edu/ 

      News and Updates (until Aug 2021: Please check out my new website https://arazi.people.clemson.edu/ for new updates)
Aug 2021: Moved to the School of Computing at Clemson University.

Jan 2021: Our collaborative project "Wild land and Fire Observation, Management, and Evacuation using Intelligent Collaborative Flying and Ground Systems" gets funded by NSF CPS Program. Thank you NSF. is funded. Thanks NSF!

Sep. 2020: Our collaborative project "Secure Traceability in the Food Supply Chain Using Cell Phone Readable Dendritic Identifiers" selected for funding by USDA AFRI Program.Thank you USDA.

July 2020: My project "CNS Core: Small: PilotPC: Proactive Inverse Learning of Network Topology for Predictive Communication among Unmanned Vehicles" is funded. Thank you NSF.

Sep. 2019: My paper titled "Smart Heart Monitoring: Early Prediction of Heart Problems Through Predictive
Analysis of ECG Signals" is accepted for publication in IEEE Access

Aug 2018: My paper titled "Bayesian Signal Recovery Under Measurement Matrix Uncertainty: Performance Analysis" is accepted for publication in IEEE Access.

July 2018: Congratulations to Jiaming Chen who successfully completed her Master's Thesis titled "Predictive Modeling of ECG Signal Using Spatial Topology Based Feature Space Transformation".

July 2018: Our Collaborative Project in Developing Nano-material Based Cyber Security is approved by NSF.

April 2018:  Arnau Sugranes receives travel grant from SECON 2018 conference.

March 2018: