CV Carbonaceous Chondrites

Northwest Africa 3118

December 2003
Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3)

History: Hundreds of fragments (total weight of 5895 g) were purchased in Erfoud, Morocco in December 2003 by A. and G. Hupé. Other collectors or dealers (T. Boswell, E. Olsen and B. Reed, among others) have recently sent us CV3 samples that are probably paired with NWA 3118. An accurate TKW is unknown, but probably exceeds 8 kg.
Description and Classification: (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU) olive gray to tan in color depending on the degree of weathering. In thin section, much of the matrix has a pronounced "ripple" texture: subparallel, curvilinear thin bands of olivine grains (Fa32-36), up to 10 microns in size, enclose pod-like masses of micron to submicron Fe-rich olivine (Fa42-58), pyroxenes, sulfides and minor weathering products. Chondrules are typically <2 mm in diameter, although a few chondrules may be as large as 8 mm in diameter. Many types of small CAI inclusions are present and rarely exceed a few mm in diameter. Low weathering grade: no metal observed in the matrix, although some chondrules contain fresh metal.
Specimens: 20.3 g, NAU; main mass, Hupé.

NWA 3118. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2004

Northwest Africa 4502

December 2005
Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3)

History and physical characteristics: In 2006, A. Aaronson purchased > 100 kg of many dark stones with smooth surfaces from desert polishing. The largest piece is 22.75 kg.
Petrography (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): Well-defined chondrules, chondrule fragments, and refractory inclusions are set in a slightly weathered matrix. CAIs are represented by Type A (a few are very large, up to 32 mm in diameter) and Type C are common, as are AOAs. Type B CAIs are rare in abundance. Modal analyses (vol. %): chondrules = 48; CAIs and AOAs = 14; matrix = 38. Shock level is S2.
Mineral compositions: Matrix olivine = Fa39-59; chondrule fragment olivine = Fa0.4-9.1.
Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (CV3).
Type specimen: A total of 26 g is on deposit at NAU. The main mass holders are A. Aaronson(> 83 kg) and E. Olsen (32 kg).

NWA 4502. Entire stone. Coin is a US quarter. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2009

NWA 4502. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2009

Other CV Carbonaceous Chondrites

IDLocationDateMass (g)StateFaFs Comments
NWA 1152Tagounite, Morocco200098S2, W2/323 -Fa in chondrules
NWA 1934Rissani, Morocco6/20038000S1, W31.6-38.4 --
NWA 1938Rissani, Morocco6/200320.6S1, W22.0-39.9 -(photograph below)
NWA 1940Erfoud, Morocco6/20031131S1, W21.2-44.6 -(photograph below)
NWA 2086Morocco11/2003780S1, W11.8-41 3-35.5 Click for picture
NWA 2105Erfoud, Morocco2003167.5S2, W2-31.5-46 6.1-36.5-
NWA 2110Erfoud, Morocco200328S2, W41.7-39.6- -
NWA 2140Erfoud, Morocco2003314S1, W224.316.8 -
NWA 2141Erfoud, Morocco2003145S1, W0-134.615.6 Allende-like; very fresh
NWA 2364Erfoud, Morocco20041493S2, W436.1-48.4- Allende-like matrix (photograph below)
NWA 2636Erfoud, Morocco200451S1, W31.5-54.6- numerous large CAIs
NWA 2637Erfoud, Morocco200471.5S1, W22.4-46.7- -
NWA 3104Rissani, Morocco200354.6S2, W21.3-38.7- (photograph below)
NWA 4539 Erfoud, Morocco 2006 483 S2, W2 0.8-58.1 1.1-32 Wo2.5; olivine with 0.0-0.33 wt. % NiO

Photographs of CV Chondrites

NWA 1934. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2004

NWA 1940. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2004

NWA 2364. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2004

NWA 3104. Image © T. E. Bunch, 2004