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Classification Handbook - DRAFT

NWA-2364 contains oldest dated material in the solar system!

Read all about the Al Haggounia "Fossil or Paleo" Meteorite Problem. Includes 2009 updated information!

Ted's asteroid: 7326 Tedbunch (1981 UK22)

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Classification Services Discontinued 3/15/06

Effective immediately, NAU's electron microprobe laboratory will no longer able to offer meteorite identification/classification services to the general public. We are sorry that this is the case, but we are unable to meet the increased demand for this service. See here for some initial information about meteorite identification. If after carfully condifering this informaiton, you still think you may have a meteorite, we suggest that you contact Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory for testing.

Meteorite Classifications

The meteorites types that we have classified are indicated on the figure below in red. Click on the meteorite type to be linked with the classifications as published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, sample pictures, and photomicrographs.

Classification Diagram CO Carbonaceous Chondrites CM Carbonaceous Chondrites CV Carbonaceous Chondrites CK Carbonaceous Chondrites CR Carbonaceous Chondrites CH Carbonaceous Chondrites EL Enstatite Chondrites H Ordinary Chondrites L Ordinary Chondrites LL Ordinary Chondrites Carbonaceous Chondrites Ordinary Chondrites Ungrouped Chondrites Rumuruti Chondrites Pallasites Mesosiderites Primitive Achondrites Enstatite Achondrites Aubrites CR Metachondrites H Metachondrites H Metachondrites Angrites Ureilites Ungrouped Lunar Breccias Lunar Basalts Lunar Gabbros CV Metachondrites Shergottites A.J. Irvings Martian Meteorites Site HED Dunite Diogenites Eucrites Howardites Acapulcoites Lodranites Brachinites

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