GLG 510:
Electron Microprobe Techniques Class Notes

Electron Microprobe Introduction: Introduction to Microbeam Techniques, Historical Background, Electron Microprobe Analysis, X-ray Fluorescence Analysis, Comparison of Detection Limits

Electron Interaction with Matter: Effects of Electron Bombardment, Volume of Excitation, Backscattered and Transmitted Electrons, Secondary Electrons, Auger Electrons, Cathodoluminescence, Heat

X-rays: Continuum X-rays, Characteristic X-rays, Origin of Characteristic X-rays, Electron Shells, Electron Transitions, Naming Transitions, Moseley's Law, Line Intensities, Satellite Peaks, Wavelength Shifts

Primary Absorption & Secondary Fluorescence: Primary Absorption, Half-Thickness, Bulk Mass Absorption Coefficent, Secondary Fluorescence

Electron Column: Electron Source, Electron Gun Alignment, Condenser Magnetic Lens, Beam Regulator, Multiple Aperture System, Beam Monitor, Objective Lens, Stigmators and Scanning Coils

Imaging Systems: Light Optical Microscope, Backscattered Electron Detector, Secondary Electron Detector, Absorbed Current Imaging, X-Ray Imaging, Photographic System

Sample Stage & EMP Samples: Stage, Samples, Sample Preparation, Carbon Coating

Vacuum System: Mechanical Pumps, Oil Diffusion Pump

Wavelength-dispersive Spectrometry: Diffraction of X-rays, Spectrometer Optics, Analyzing Crystals, Take-off Angle, Gas-flow & Sealed Detectors, Detector Theory, Deadtime, Detector Resolution, Escape Peaks, Pulse-height Analysis, Scintillation Detectors, Single-channel Analysers

Energy-dispersive Spectrometry: Semiconductor Detectors, Multichannel Analyzers, Amplifiers, WDS vs. EDS Detection

Statistics: Basic Statistical Tools, Mean, Standard Deviation, Standard Error of the Mean, Propogation of Errors, Counting Statistics, Optimum Counting Times, Homogeneity Index, Detection Limits, Accuracy and Precision

Quantitative Analysis: Calibration Curves, Bence-Albee Matrix Corrections, Alpha Factors, Example Bence-Albee Calculation, ZAF and PAP Matrix Corrections, Atomic Number Corrections (Z), Absorption Correction (A), Fluorescence Correction (F)

Treatment of Analytical Data: Significant Digits, Calculations, Rounding, Probe Results, Mineral Stoichiometry Calculations

Microprobe References: Extensive list of references to microprobe texts and papers.

Text © copyright 2000-2001, J.H. Wittke