Insulin For Kitties


The purpose of the Insulin for Kitties (I4K) Apple product application is to provide a means for owners of pets with diabetes to properly dose, record administered dosage, and graph blood sugar and syringe volume using the Apple® iPad. The current method for insulin administration varies between users; however, all current methods are prone to human error through improper measurement inside the syringe or data recording. Feline patients are particularly difficult to dose proper due to the small amount of insulin required. Apple Developer Tools along with OpenCV visually track a syringe in real time and estimate plunger to prong distance for volume calculations. The application successfully tracks and measures the volume in the syringe. Further testing is required to establish the error in measurements using the built in iPad camera. The application promises to ease the book keeping burden of diabetes treatment.

Designing an easier method for measuring insulin accurately!


The team would like to invite you to our project presentation and poster presentation session on April 26th, 2013 located in the du Bois Center on NAU campus.

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As shown above, an iPad or other Apple device can be used to capture an image of a syringe; image processing software will then be used to identify key features to accurately calculate the volume of insulin within the syringe. As a result, the diabetic kitty in question will be quite pleased with precise medical treatment.


Team Insulin for Kitties consists of five students from Northern Arizona University: Sam Bloomfield, Kyle Crockett, Garrison Pope, Adam Raterink, and Joel Ressell. Under the direction of their faculty mentor/sponsor, Dr. Elizabeth Brauer, the team is designing an application to more accurately measure insulin for pets. For more information on team members please visit the Team Contact tab.

Last Updated February 19, 2013

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