Prof. Steven M. Jacobs

e-mail: steven.jacobs (at)

Courses I am teaching or have taught at NAU:

  • CS110 - "Introduction to Computer Science" (FYLI)
  • CS112 - "Intro to the WWW & the Internet"
  • CS122 - "Programming for Engineering & Science (lecture)" (FYLI)
  • CS122L - "Programming for Engineering & Science" (lab) (FYLI)
  • CS301 - "Computers & Society"
  • CS399 - "Mobile App Development"
  • CS476 - "Requirements Engineering"
  • CS477/CS577 - "Advanced User Interfaces"
  • CIS120 - "Intro to Computer Info Systems"
  • CIS360 - "Management Information Systems"

    Announcements and other activities:

  • Watch for the NAU School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems news and updates
  • Announcing my next CS110 class (University College-sponsored)
  • Pearson web site for Designing the User Interface, new 6th edition
  • Announcement for Designing the User Interface, new 6th edition
  • Welcome to my homepage.

    My name is Prof. Steven M. Jacobs, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona. I am a lecturer of Computer Science in NAU's Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department which is part of the NAU College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences. I am also a NAU University College Faculty Fellow.

    Take a look at what I was doing at Northrop Grumman and USC before I came to NAU. Here is my schedule.


    Prof. Steven M. Jacobs
    Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Dept.  
    Northern Arizona University
    2112 S. Huffer Ln #15600
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5600

    Fax.: 928-523-2300
    e-mail: steven.jacobs (at)
    Office location: Engineering Bldg. 69, Room 324C