The LLECB Lab Group
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Thomas D. Sisk - Professor and Olajos-Goslow Endowed Chair in Evironmental Sciences and Policy

  • Ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Landscape design
  • Land use and environmental policy

Brett Dickson - Lab Director and Asst. Research Professor, Landscape and Wildlife Ecologist 

  • Wildlife and landscape ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Quantitative methods and spatial statistics

Steven Sesnie - Adjunct Faculty, Remote Sensing, Forest and Earth Science

  • LiDAR applications for forest inventory and monitoring
  • Remote sensing of non-native invasive plants
  • Field-based spectroscopy of vegetation and leaf-biochemistry
  • Land use and global climate change patterns
  • Collaborative land management planning and policy
  • Forest and fire ecology of temperate and tropical ecosystems

Yaguang Xu - Adjunct Faculty, Remote Sensing Specialist

Research Associates

Liz Kalies - Wildlife Ecologist

  • Wildlife population and community modeling
  • Forest ecology and management
  • Ecological data synthesis, meta-analysis

Aaryn Olsson - Remote Sensing Scientist, Ecologist 

  • Remote sensing and spatial analysis
  • Invasive species ecology and disturbance
  • Phenology and climate change
  • Remote sensing phenology

Jill Rundall - Ecologist, GIS Spatial Analyst 

  • Conservation biology
  • Wildlife
  • Collaborative land management and policy
  • Spatial analysis
  • Fire ecology

Ophelia Wang - Remote Sensing Scientist, Ecologist

  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation biology
  • Landscape ecology
  • GIS and remote sensing

Research Specialists, Sr.


Cerissa Hoglander - Ecologist, Spatial analyst 

Valerie Horncastle - Wildlife Ecologist 

Chris Ray - Ecologist and GIS Spatial Analyst

Luke Zachmann - Ecologist and GIS Spatial Analyst

Ph.D. Students

Karl Jarvis - PhD Student, Biology

Dissertation topic - Integration of multi-species landscape genetics into conservation planning.

  Chris Parish - PhD Student, Biology

Jut Wynne - Ph.D. Candidate, Cave Ecology & Conservation

Dissertation topic - Cavernicolous arthropod diversity and biogeography in the American Southwest and Pacific Islands.

Masters Students

Miranda Gray - MS Student, Fire Ecology and Connectivity


Collin Haffey - MS Student,


Julie Kenkel - MS Student, Environmental Sciences and Policy

Thesis topic - Effects of nitrogen deposition in the Grand Canyon National Park region.
Cassandra Rivas - MS Student, Conservation Planning and Collaborative Management

Sasha Stortz - MS Student, Conservation Planning and Collaborative Management

Undergraduate Interns and Lab Assistants

CeCe Marella 

Bo Stevens 

Former Students

Ethan Aumack (MS, 2003) - Restoration Program Director, Grand Canyon Trust
Thesis "GIS and ecological discourse: science, decision-making, and landscape-scale ecosystem restoration in the southwestern United States"

James Battin (PhD, 2003) - Post-doctoral Scholar, NOAA
Thesis "Habitats and the animals that love them: avian habitat selection in post-restoration landscape"

Eli Bernstein (MS, 2008) -
Thesis "Restoration and stewardship on an arid public rangeland in northern Arizona: ecological and policy constraints"

Carrie Cultra (MS, 2010) - Diablo Trust
Thesis "The value and viability of collaborative monitoring: evaluating integrated monitoring for sustainability"

Michelle Dela Cruz (MS, 2008) - Ecologist, Canon de Chelly N.P. 
Thesis "Exotic brome control and revegetation trails in the xeric riparian corridor at Zion National Park"

Jessica Delph (MS student)

Ryan Drum (MS, 2008)
Thesis "Beyond community wildfire protection: an integrated ecological approach to wildland-urban interface management"

Monica Hansen - (MS, 2002) - Environmental Consultant, Anchorage, AK
Thesis "Biological and cultural sustainability ofPertrophytum calspitosum at Walnut Canyon National Monument, Arizona"

Cerissa Hoglander - (MS, 2011) - Research Specialist, Sr, Northern Arizona University
"Landscape models of water resource availability and habitat use by desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis mexicana) in southwestern Arizona."

Chris Holcomb (MS, 2010)
Thesis "Ecological divergence across a jurisdictional boundary and the need for cooperative management, Kaibab Plateau, Arizona"

Ron Hubert (MS, 2007) - Managing Director, Hozho International 
Thesis "Transforming sustainability: identifying the critical success factors for sustainable cities"

Hilary Hudson (MS, 2010) - USFS, New Mexico
Thesis "Disturbance mapping as a tool for exotic invasive plant detection at Walnut Canyon National Monument"

Sarah Hurteau (MS, 2007) -
Thesis "Fire and fire surrogate experimental treatments: influencing bird communities at multiple levels of organization" 

Shannon Kelly - University of Maryland 

Matthew R. Loeser (MS, 2001 and PhD, 2005) - Professor Yakima Valley Community College
Thesis "Plant and insect community responses to livestock grazing in arid and semi-arid grasslands"
Dissertation " Climate, grazing, and invasive plants: interacting drivers of change in arid grasslands"

Cecelia Meyer Lovell (MS, 2000) - Restoration Ecologist, San Diego, CA
Thesis "Microclimatic changes and biotic effects across forest structural gradients associated with ponderosa pine restoration"

Lauren Mork (MS, 2010) -
Thesis "Livestock grazing after wildlife: understory response, current management, and implications for conservation of southwestern forests"

Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson (MS, 2004) - PhD Student, Arizona State University
Thesis "Evaluating the ecological and social outcomes of collaborative management: ecosystem health indicators for monitoring effectiveness"

Chris Ray- (MS, 2011) -Research Specialist, Sr. Northern Arizona University
Thesis "Predicting the effects of forest management policies on goshawk occurrence in northern Arizona ponderosa pine."

Evan Reimondo -(MS, 2011) -
Thesis "Ecological Impacts of Bison and Implications for Cross-Jurisdictional Management in the Grand Canyon Region."

Leslie Ries (PhD, 2003) - Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Maryland 
Dissertation "Placing edge responses into a predictive framework"

Raúl Romo (MS, 2006) - PhD Student, University of Arizona 
Thesis "Conservation and the challenging pattern of land cover and land use in central Sonora, Mexico"

Kanin Routson (MS, 2007) - PhD Student, University of Arizona
Thesis "Genetic Diversity of historic apple trees on the Colorado Plateau and implications for its preservation"

Laura E. Williams (MS, 2005) 
Thesis "Native bees in an agricultural-wildland mosaic: patterns of habitat use and predictors of community composition"

Jut Wynne (MS, 2003) - PhD Student, NAU 
Thesis "Landscape-scale modeling of vegetation land cover and songbird habitat, Pinalenos Mountains, Arizona"

In Memoriam

John Prather


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